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The life, loves, and beliefs of a bisexual feminist pagan

I am who and what I am

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I am who I am.

I am a bisexual, feminist, feminine, polyamourous pagan mother. I cope with fibromyalgia, endometriosis, depression, adhd, dissociative identity disorder, asthma, and migraines.
still fighting it...
...even though i may hide my scars
*don't keep silent*

I am starting out on a brand new life, one that is taking some adjusting to. For my children and for me. But, we will manage, we will survive, and we will come out stronger as a family for it.

My children and I live with my lover and his wife. They are more than happy to help me with the job of being a single parent. I guess that makes me a semi-single parent. ;)

I am a United States Navy veteran.

This LJ is my health diary. This is where I will discuss my mental, physical, and emotional health issues. I have another lj, and if you are friends with me there, and I have invited you here, it means I trust you. I don't mean for this to be a secret, just I have come to realize that maybe I am just a bit too open with others about what is going on with me. I am taking steps to protect myself, to make sure that I have surrounded myself with people who truly care, and are not just using my shit for cheap entertainment, "Hey, at least we're not as bad as *****! She's really fucked up!"

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Name: DiLyn
DOB: 1/3/78
Location: WA

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