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This week and pain 
12-May-08 04:42 pm [mother's day, pain]
Ugh.  There was this Girls' Night Out thing in the town we live in this week.  So, the female parental unit and I took my daughter to it.  This entailed doing a lot of walking.  A lot.  Like 2 1/2 hrs of WALKING.  That's more walking than I've done in a long time, since before my fibro diagnosis.  Then, for Mommy's Day we went to Snoqualmie Falls park.  Saw the waterfall.  It's beautiful.  I love waterfalls.  There's a 1/2 mile trail down to the river.  The hubs took the boys all the way down to the river, the daughter and I walked down to meet them as they were coming up, we got maybe a quarter of the way down.  And it was incredibly steep.  It sucked.  I was in pain on the way back up.  Then, we were driving all day.  About two hours over, and another two and a half to three hours drive back.  Plus it was chilly and damp up there.  Needless to say, I'm in pain today.  And now I have to clean the house, because the male parental unit is having some people from this study thing he's enrolled in come out for home visits, and the house has to be clean.  oh fucking yay.

I'm so freaking tired all the time still.  it sux. but, I'm back on most of my meds (not the topomax, because I haven't got any, and gotta get in to my neuro and get into the clinic and get it renewed).  Not my favorite clinic, but a necessary evil.

Not a whole lot of interesting today, I guess.
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