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07-May-08 09:42 pm
Here is an alphabetical list of my current diagnoses (with commentary):


ADHD- I firmly believe I was adhd as a child, and now, wish that we had found out then so that I could have been treated while I was in school.  I think school would have been much easier for me.

Arthritis (mild, and just in my knees)- I've had knee pain for as long as I can remember.  It's one of the two pains I get that I can't just ignore and live with.  If my knees hurt, I'm sitting on my ass/laying in bed whining because it hurts.

Asthma- Runs in my family.  I've been asthmatic pretty much from birth, but it was very mild when I was a child.  Got significantly worse while I was in the Navy.

Bipolar Type II Rapid Cycling- There are days that rapid cycling don't cover it, and that I'm not sure if I'm bipolar or not.  I tend towards mixed states, but have enough separate highs and lows for a diagnosis.
12/2008 update on the bipolar-  It has been confirmed (due to having been taken off the meds for bipolar disorder approx. 2 years ago now because of this suspicion) that I am *NOT* bipolar, that the bipolar was a mis-diagnosis of the PTSD.   This is the SECOND misdiagnosis of the PTSD.  The first was in '96, and it was as Borderline Personality Disorder that time.  That diagnosis was removed and changed to PTSD in '98.

Clinical depression - To go along with the PTSD, I deal with depression.  One symptom OF ptsd is depression, and I cope with mine with medication.

Complicated Migraine Headaches (my migraines mimic the symptoms of a stroke)- These are murder.  I've had migraines for years, but these are particularly frightening, due to their symptoms mimicing a stroke.  Not pleasant.

Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (NOS only because my "friends" have not made an appearance in my therapist's office)- *I* know I'm DID, my husband knows it, many of my friends know it, but my alters have yet to come out in therapy, so I don't have a formal diagnosis of it.  HOWEVER, my therapist says it is very likely that I have it, because we have discussed my history as well as the fact I have a number of the "symptoms" of did.

 Endometriosis- I am in major pain from below my ribs to my pelvic region for about 3 weeks a month, and that fourth week is not always in continuous days.

Fibromyalgia- My most recent diagnosis, after about two-three years of trying to figure out exactly what is wrong with me.  I've been having problems with chronic pain all over my body, fatigue (to the point I was honestly beginning to wonder if what was wrong with me was simply chronic fatigue syndrome), issues with sleep (I've had those since I was a teenager), mental processing issues (those go along with the adhd, but worse at times, they come and go), and alternating loose bowels and constipation.  Throw in the TMJ I was diagnosed with about 2 years ago, and you have most of the symptoms for fibro.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder- This, I think, is related to the ptsd

Patella-Femoral Pain Syndrome- This goes along with the arthritis in my knees, it contributes to my knee pain, actually, it's MOST of my knee pain.

PTSD- I'm a rape survivor, been raped twice that I was fully aware during, and used and raped repeatedly for 1-3 months (can't remember exactly how long it was)

Reflux-This contributes to my asthma.  It started in the last two years, and I have just recently (12/08) learned that it could be part of the fibro.

Now, add to that periodic OCD-type and agoraphobic symptoms, and you have one pretty fucked up person.  But, I am functioning, despite all this.  Some days are better than others, and I truly suck when I'm stressed.  I don't function well at all when I'm stressed out.

Well, this is me.  Do with this what you will.

10-Sep-08 11:45 pm (UTC)
Wow, you're right, we do have a lot in common. My doctor said I have the patellea-femoral pain syndrome in my knees too and I have to wear orthodics in my shoes and sometimes wear knee braces. I have bakers' cysts on the back of my knees too. I also have asthma & acid reflux.. I don't remember if I talked about that when you added me and told me about how much we have in common.

I can't imagine how terrible those migraines must be. I've had regular migraines that I can just go and get a shot of Imitrex for.
12-Sep-08 03:54 am (UTC)
Ooh, the imitrex injections used to make my head feel like it was literally burning the headache out of my skull, I could feel the flames burning it out. My docs decided that was a bad thing and took me off of it.
12-Sep-08 08:58 pm (UTC)
When I had to get them they made me lie down for about 20 minutes and I felt it in my face and stuff but I was able to sleep some of it off. Migraines make me really tired but I just can't sleep because of the pain and nausea and sometimes my ears ringing but it sounds like someone is screaming at me, or if I close my eyes I See nothing but red.

Did it feel that bad even if you were lying on your side? They had me do that and wouldn't let me leave for a while.
16-Sep-08 03:32 pm (UTC)
Oh, yeah. It was awful. Didn't matter how I laid or anything. From the moment I started the injection until I finally passed out from the exhaustion of both the migraine and the meds, it was horrible.

I'm now on Zomig, it's only about the fifth med I've been on for my migraines, but it's ok. It's a little pill that the doctor told me to put under my tongue and let it dissolve. I put it on my tongue once and discovered why she said under. LOL It tastes kinda bad. It's got this orange-soda kind of taste to it if you don't let it dissolve under your tongue. It gets rid of the headache, tho. But, I'm on Topomax and Verapimil every day to keep them away.
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